Sarah Ferguson y el príncipe Andrew: ¿una segunda boda?

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew: a second wedding?

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew: a second wedding?

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wantedon 08/26/2013 | 15:09

It has been more than 17 years since Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced. After a long time of discussion and several discussions, peace should finally return between the two. As Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s confidants now report, it is said to have re-emerged between the two veterans.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew married in July 1986, followed ten years later by divorce in the British royal family. But now it is said that Beatrice and Eugenie’s parents grew closer again. As revealed by various sources from the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, the wedding bells could even ring again soon. The reason for the rumors is a surprising visit from Sarah Ferguson to her former mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew to remarry

According to, Sarah Ferguson was received by the Queen for the first time since 1992 at her Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Fergie, her ex-husband and their two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, visited the queen in early August during their vacation. Is that a sign that a second wedding is coming? Sarah Ferguson’s presence could also indicate that Princess Beatrice is about to get engaged to her longtime boyfriend. But “The Telegraph” insiders are firmly convinced that someone completely different will soon appear at the altar.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew reunited?

They claim that Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew want to try again together: “Remember my words, the two of you will remarry. It’s just a matter of time”, the newspaper cites one of the anonymous sources. The reasons for a renewed wedding of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew also seem pretty clear to the insider: “I wouldn’t be surprised at all. They are a wonderful couple and, best of all, fantastic parents. ” So will UK wedding bells ring again anytime soon?

It’s true that speculation about a second wedding between Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew seems pretty far-fetched at first glance. But since the two have lived under one roof for years, this step wouldn’t be so surprising.

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