¡Sarah está afuera!

Sarah is outside!

Sarah is outside!

What you think?

This great day 11 ends with an ultimatum, Sarah leaves or five campers who “hate her” leave the jungle. Stop no, it’s not going to end, now another celebrity C wants to go voluntarily. Who? WEEERRRR? That won’t tell us until tomorrow. Great, a hangover …

Karo’s conclusion: That was the (up to this point) best jungle camp episode 2011! I’m excited. The most obvious thing I found was Sarah’s call number. He was actually mimicking Mathieu, begging on his knees! INCOMPREHENSIBLE! And you Dani? My God, her mouth is open. I think you won’t be able to add your mustard until later. Does Dani still have a pupillary reflex?

Dani: Yes, the reflections are working again. Thank you diamonds! That was the Oberhammer yesterday! Incredible !!! Trash TV like, we love it. All against the plum of the jungle. But seriously, at some point I even felt sorry for her. We all know that she has something to do with gossip. But even I think it is too much to do so badly. I find the statement interesting with Jay’s production. At the moment I am not quite sure if there is any truth in it or if it is all just fictional. Somehow I don’t trust her to be so unscrupulous. I’m not quite sure what to believe. HELP ME! Langhans is also becoming more and more suspicious to me, not just the “I won’t eat anything else and get out of all spheres” thing, no, now there’s also the “I don’t wash, lick my dishes” thing. to. DISGUSTING! I’d be in favor of you letting Sarah and Hans walk home!


Dear Sarah will only have a slight advantage over Hans. Because my dear sisters of blasphemy, my jungle phone just rang. It has swollen! SARAH IS OUT! She left the camp. Our favorite blasphemy victim is gone and we owe it all to Mathieu and his stupid talk. Anger! I can’t shut my mouth anymore and I look forward to what tonight will be like. “Jungle Plum” – in loving memory.

Excited and relaxed, we say: See you tomorrow, girls!

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(Photos: Stefan Menne / RTL, all the information about “I’m a star, get me out of here” in the RTL.de special)