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Sarah "Thing" accounts

Sarah "Thing" accounts

Jay khan (28) is trying by all means to maintain his “love relationship” with Indira Weis (31) to be represented as genuine. At every opportunity, people hug each other and speak of a “covenant for life.” It really is not credible. The accusation that everything was organized to destroy Jay’s gay image is upheld Sarah Knappik (24) also found after the 2011 jungle camp.

In an interview with the magazine OK! she said now: “For me, Jay is someone who hangs on the hook like a worm and tries to achieve something with the last move.”

Was there something between her and Jay? Here too Sarah Knappik alludes to the image of Jay. “Of course I had something with Jay. It was at the last carnival. He was disguised as a sailor and had a well-set beard. It stained my skin a little ”.

At the jungle camp, Sarah had claimed that Jay had approached her before the show and offered to put on a love story. Sarah “Dingens” is not far from this:Jay has threatened his own bandmates. They wrote me messages on Facebook telling me that they are after me and that Jay often lies. Also, now I have realized that it is Queensberry Leo He also said that he had offered to enter into a fake relationship and that he was also the former candidate of ‘GNTM’ Fiona erdmann I should have already threatened. “

Blatant accusations! What do you say?

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