¡Sarina está fuera!

Sarina is out!

Sarina is out!

“The girls have nothing on today, except beautiful rose petals.”explained Heidi klum filming at “American Beauty” of the last six girls in Germany’s Next Top Model Episode 13. “They should be sexy and just glow from within.”

Easier said than done: Jessica she had her problems with posing almost nude. “I felt like a nude cover model. That was not my case ”.Mandy I couldn’t understand this attitude: “If you really don’t want to, you should stop being here and take away other girls from getting ahead.”

Sara on the other hand he did a great job and convinced star photographer Russell James: “Sara was a great surprise. He knows how to emphasize its advantages ”. Sarina He gave it his all, as always, but Heidi Klum didn’t like it 100% “She can be super sexy at the push of a button and let Lolita hang out. Unfortunately, that is not always appropriate and sometimes it is too much ”judge the model mom.

At two auditions, the girls had the opportunity for a coveted modeling job. Marie was particularly ambitious: “It would be great to get a job. Last week was bad and now I need another highlight. “ Designer Kevan Hall liked it so much Marie, as much as Maria. He liked her expression about Marie, and Maria was able to convince with her extraordinary hairstyle: “I love the color of her hair. The cut is fantastic ”, said the designer.

Posh Spice made the decision Victoria Beckham on the jury, and he was really excited about candidate Mandy: “My favorite is Mandy. It looks like a model and this is a model competition. It’s fantastic and I would reserve it immediately. ” This makes Mandy one of the new favorites: the pretty blonde was already able to convince at the Mexx casting. With Mädchen.de by the way you can Meet and say hi to Mandy win!

This time, the winner of the week was Sara – her smile so convinced star photographer Russell James that he landed the coveted shoot for Sony Ericsson. Sara was also able to shine in the weekly challenge and won a watch valued at more than 2,000 euros. Because Sara had a great week, she didn’t have to wait for the decision, instead she got her photo right after the live walk.

Without a photo, Sarina ended up standing there; I hadn’t gotten a job this week and the photoshoot wasn’t exactly a brilliant achievement, either. Sarina seemed too sexy and not at all sensual. In the end, Heidi praised Sarina’s ambition and will, but that was not enough. Jessica took last place in the top 5, although she was graced during filming and was not as motivated. Terrible for Sarina: completely desperate, she returned to the girls without a photo and collapsed crying on the sofa. Smell!

Was the decision correct? What you think? Who would have deserved the spot among the last 5 top model candidates: Jessica or Sarina?

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