Saturn y MediaMarkt abren las tiendas de forma limitada

Saturn and MediaMarkt open stores on a limited basis

Saturn and MediaMarkt open stores on a limited basis

You will soon be able to buy offline again at MediaMarkt and Saturn, but there are several restrictions. On-site services, like repairs, are rewarding.

A store can have a maximum of 800 square meters to be able to reopen in times of the Crown crisis. Many Saturn and MediaMarkt branches are likely to fall victim to this questionable restriction without adjustment. However, the reopening of several stores is scheduled for next Wednesday, announced the umbrella company. But there are self-imposed restrictions, so everything is not as before.

MediaMarkt and Saturno are cautiously opening their branches

But larger stores are also being converted so that the maximum allowed retail space is not exceeded. Other hygienic devices are also provided. Opening hours should also be shortened, which many smaller stores in city centers currently do as well. Many customers should be happy that on-site services are now available again.

“In the last weeks of the closing, many customers had problems mainly if they had a defective electronic device but that they needed urgently at home, since repairs were not possible due to the closing of the stores. Effective immediately, these devices are back on the market on site for repair be delivered. So-called smart bars, where smartphones are usually repaired within a few hours, are also reopened. “