Scarlett Johansson: este es el secreto de su cuerpo después del bebé

Scarlett Johansson: this is her body’s secret after baby

Scarlett Johansson: this is her body's secret after baby

Range and slim

wantedthe 11/06/2014 | 09:42

Scarlett Johansson first became a mom just two months ago, and a few days ago she showed up for the first time on a public date. And no sign of baby kilos! How did the 29-year-old achieve that so quickly?

Scarlett Johansson before …

In celebrity circles, there seem to be real competitions about who will be thin and thin in public after birth and how fast. I wouldn’t have expected Scarlett Johansson to participate, and apparently she didn’t! However, the new mom has lost a lot of weight in recent weeks, apparently more than she would have thought, according to “OK!” Magazine. “Her body is back in shape faster than I expected,” a Scarlett Johansson source told the magazine.

Scarlett Johansson looks almost the same as before

At a screening in New York on November 3, Scarlett Johansson appeared as a mom for the first time, and she looked more than good doing it!

… And after birth

But the beautiful actress does not seem to have returned to her main figure by accident. The informant told the magazine “OK!” That Scarlett Johansson “two hours in the gym“Spend and”Tons of healthy food“Devour. Scarlett Johansson doesn’t seem obsessed with shedding baby pounds as quickly as possible, but takes a mindful approach to fighting off pregnancy pounds.Scarlett Johansson is a powerful woman from start to finish. We would have been surprised if he hadn’t quickly returned to his superior figure. Respect for such pronounced discipline! One can only hope that the little rose doesn’t have to trim it! Image Credit: Ian Gavan / Getty Images / MANDY WANG / AFP / Getty Images