Aterrador: cada vez más adolescentes terminan en el hospital por beber en exceso

Scary: more and more teens end up in hospital for binge drinking

Scary: more and more teens end up in hospital for binge drinking

Teenagers try many things, especially during puberty. Even alcohol. Those who don’t participate and don’t drink alcohol can quickly become outsiders with the wrong friends. But drinking can get “nasty” again just as quickly: If you look too deeply into the glass, you won’t just notice the negative side of alcohol the next morning when you have a nasty hangover. Drunkards are often embarrassed and easily become a laughingstock. And not only that: physical damage can also occur from long-term heavy drinking during puberty.

More and more young people end up in the hospital for excessive alcohol consumption

Especially the notorious heavy drinking is still popular with young people. But uncontrolled drinking, especially if you don’t know your limits or if you always drink with you to stay cool, can be very dangerous, because many young people end up in the hospital afterwards. The highest level of hospital admissions was recorded in 2012. At that time, 26,673 young people between the ages of 10 and 20 were admitted. In the three years that followed, the number of admissions decreased. Now, the number of young people affected has risen again for the first time in three years, as an investigation by health insurance company DAK showed. In 2016, 22,309 young people between the ages of 10 and 20 were hospitalized for alcohol intoxication. This corresponds to a 1.8 percent increase over the previous year. The trend is alarming.

Although about 60% of all participants in our Mä Alcohol survey they think they are drunk children “Totally stupid” find, 41% drink alcohol occasionally at parties, the most common “everything mixed”. Although most have never really been intoxicated, a quarter (25%) have this experience by the age of 14-15. About 40% feel “Super”if they have drunk alcohol and 37% say they have temporarily forgotten about their problems. Click here to view the alcohol survey and the results …

Alcohol and its effects

Alcohol can have very different effects depending on the person. Young people, in particular, generally still cannot adequately assess the effect and do not know its limits. So you have to be even more careful here.

What happens in your body immediately after drinking alcohol?

Under the influence of alcohol, inhibitions and fears are lost. In addition, the messenger substance dopamine is released, ensuring a feeling of happiness. That tempts you to drink more. However, the positive feeling disappears quickly; instead, some drunkards become aggressive and easily irritable, while others become sentimental. Concentration, perception, and even eyesight decrease due to alcohol intoxication. There are also problems with speaking, moving and coordination.

Too much alcohol can even be fatal

However, much worse are the long-term effects of drinking too much alcohol on your body, especially if you are still in puberty. It does not matter how much you tolerate or if the effects are delayed by drinking slowly or by ingesting fatty foods. Because alcohol is a poison for your body. If you eat too much (about 3 per thousand), it can poison your body so much that you will have to go to the hospital. Poisoning can be recognized by tremors, sweating, paralysis, and unconsciousness, among other things. If alcohol poisoning is not treated, it is life threatening.As it can cause coma, heart attacks, respiratory failure and even death. Every year around 45,000 Germans die from alcohol!