Colegialas protestan contra el espectáculo con canciones anti-GNTM

Schoolgirls protest the show with anti-GNTM songs

Schoolgirls protest the show with anti-GNTM songs

YouTube Channel Lu Likes Releases Anti-GNTM Song “Not Heidis Girl”

With Pink sucks, a nonprofit organization around gender researcher Stevie Schmiedel, who campaigns against sexism and for feminism, and actress Lara-Maria Wichels (Lu Likes), some of the students produced the anti-GNTM song . The 15 year old Aliyah says about the reason for the song: “We already have enough stress with school, who still needs diet, makeup and fashion horror?”

Beauty ideals: sick body image

Students no longer feel like being ashamed of the body and express it with song. “In times of #Metoo, Trump’s sexism and the pay gap, we need mutual support, not ‘cat wars’ that only Heidi Klum and Pro7 benefit from. They should finally give us a show that makes us strong! “says the 14 year old Lynne.

GNTM is a “horror show” for girls

One study even said that GNTM promotes anorexia in women! And it is definitely a fact that we often feel insecure about slim women on television, magazines, social media, and the like. But if the GNTM universe is going to change, then something has to change in the entire modeling industry. Because whoever chooses the modeling profession has the task of adjusting to a certain ideal of beauty. And this ideal of beauty is what makes many girls feel insecure.