Das kannst du tun, wenn der Ischias schmerzt

Sciatica Pain: Pregnancy Tips That Help Now

Das kannst du tun, wenn der Ischias schmerzt

Relieve sciatic pain: This helps

If the sciatic nerve is tormenting you during pregnancy, there are a few things that can help stop the pain and prevent further discomfort.

1. Exercise and sport

Even if you don’t feel like it: The best way to deal with sciatic pain is with moderate exercise and physical activity. Swimming, walking and walking are very effective. Tight muscles are loosened, the sciatic nerve is relieved, and a relief posture is avoided.

With special stretching and gluteal muscle exercises, but also specific yoga units, you support your muscles to withstand the pressure of the fetus on your pelvic area. Strengthened muscles significantly reduce the likelihood of offended sciatica during pregnancy. Consequently, sport and exercise are the best means of counteracting and preventing sciatica problems.

You can find professional support if your sciatic nerve is causing pain with a physical therapist or with yoga during pregnancy.