Scott Eastwood no tiene problemas con las escenas de desnudos

Scott Eastwood has no problem with nude scenes

Scott Eastwood has no problem with nude scenes

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wanted04/30/2015 | 17:43

Steel blue eyes, long lashes, a three-day stubble, and a well-toned body – Scott Eastwood is undoubtedly the hottest newcomer we’ve seen in a long time. The son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood imitates sexy rodeo rider Luke, turning not only student Sophia in the lead, but the film’s female audience as well, including nude scenes.

Sometimes women are also simply woven. Especially when it comes to naked male bodies. So of course we got hooked when we found out that Scott Eastwood was dropping the covers on the new Nicholas Sparks film adaptation. But who is this handsome actor that everyone is suddenly talking about?

Scott Eastwood is one of the hottest newcomers of the year

Scott Eastwood is one of the seven children of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and looks very much like his father. The 29-year-old has been in front of the camera for ten years, but somehow still hasn’t made the breakthrough in Germany. What Many Don’t Know: Scott Eastwood was even discussed over the role of Christian Gray in “Shades of Gray,” which ultimately went to Jamie Dornan. For the hottie, however, this is no reason to be sad: “I’m super relieved! I’m happy for Jamie. But that’s not the direction my career should take. Then you are totally committed “, he explained in the current edition of the German” Grazia “. The Californian has absolutely no problem with nudity. When asked about the revealing scenes in Nowhere Without You, the 29-year-old was nonchalant and also revealed which part of the body he found quite acceptable: “Oh, fuck it. But my butt is fine, right? It was about sex, and that’s where you’re naked. “ With the body, which Scott Eastwood also likes to present on his Instagram account, we are not surprised …

Scott Eastwood is still available

Scott Eastwood, who was in a relationship with a model until recently, also spoke about love affairs in an interview with “Grazia.” It is very difficult for her to find true love in Hollywood: “That is really very difficult! He also sees many who are alone for years and simply cannot find the right partner. George Clooney was one of those cases ”. However, the actor has learned what is important in love: “True love must be sacrificed! (…) If I want to be with someone, I do everything possible to make it work and I risk everything “. So far Scott Eastwood hasn’t found the right one. But we don’t think that’s bad at all …Scott Eastwood not only looks handsome, but also really cool. That is why we are eager to convince ourselves of his abilities on screen. Today begins in German cinemas “No Place Without You”. Too bad we can’t see the romantic pussies together with the lead actor, because then we could share the tissues with him. Scott Eastwood is a declared movie howler …

Image Source: Instagram / scotteastwood