Scott Eastwood está enamorado del océano

Scott Eastwood is in love with the ocean

Scott Eastwood is in love with the ocean

In his element

wantedon 07/15/2015 | 16:45

As a “Davidoff Cool Water” man, you better not have any aversion to water. Finally, in the commercial, he is filmed jumping off a cliff into the raging ocean and diving through the water as if he were born into that element. Scott Eastwood didn’t even have to act for work, as the 29-year-old has a great love for the sea.

For us he is already the most attractive newcomer of the year! First Scott Eastwood melted the hearts of viewers in the Nicholas Sparks film “There is no place without you.” then he wowed us like a half-naked hunk in the current commercial for the men’s fragrance “Cool Water”. In the new edition of German “Glamor”, the son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood spoke about, among other things, why he feels more comfortable in the water and why the woman of his dreams should not have a cell phone with him on the beach.

And it quickly turned out from this conversation that Scott Eastwood is exactly the right choice for “Cool Water.” “There is no life without the ocean and I can’t imagine mine without it anyway. I surf, dive, fish … I feel good in the water because I spend a lot of time there “, Scott Eastwood explained to Glamor his love for the sea, adding that despite all the fun, he must not forget that nature is unpredictable: “I have encountered some underwater sharks and other challenges, but nothing like I would not have recovered quickly. “

At sea, Scott Eastwood finds distance from everyday life

The sea also offers another great advantage: privacy! “It’s calm. You are alone with your thoughts, you are distant from all the nonsense in your life, and there are no paparazzi. It’s very different from the beach, ”says Scott Eastwood. By the way, his future girlfriend should share Scott’s passion for the ocean, but leave her cell phone at home when she’s alone on the beach with him. After all, Scott Eastwood would like to enjoy bonding with her undisturbed …So far, Scott Eastwood has yet to find the woman of his dreams, which is not a bad thing. After all, we can still enjoy Instagram snapshots showing Hottie Scottie and her current love, the sea. So far, the actor has not adhered to the “No cell phone on the beach” ban …

Image Sources: Instagram / scotteastwood