Se acerca la temporada 2 de "Dead Girls Don't Lie"

Season 2 of “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” Is Coming

Season 2 of "Dead Girls Don't Lie"

Well finally!

The first season of the Netflix series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” fell like a bomb last year. Many celebrated the outspoken handling of topics such as bullying, suicide and rape, for which there was also a lot of criticism. However, since the announcement of a sequel season, fans are likely wondering when the moment will finally come. Netflix now has the answer with a trailer and a start date that fans of the series should be happy about: Season 2 is already very, very soon for all to see!

The wait is over! Anyone who has been wondering since last year how things could go in the second season of “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”, where the main character of the series is dead at the beginning of the story, will soon get an answer. Because, as a published trailer reveals, the second season starts on May 18, 2018, so in less than three weeks!

“Cassettes are just the beginning”

+++ Attention, there will be minor spoilers for season 1! +++

The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but that should be fine with fans. After all, nobody wants spoilers to screw it up. And while Hannah Baker’s suicide, and her 13 reasons for making this drastic decision, were already the subject of season 1, there are still many unanswered questions that we hope to find answers to. Because while the first season was based on Jay Asher’s book of the same name, the content of season 2 remains top secret. How does Jessica deal with rape? Will Bryce now receive his just sentence? What happened to alex And what are the consequences of school after Hannah’s mother listens to the tapes?

The trailer doesn’t answer these questions, but a promise awaits at the end, for Clay and the audience: “The tapes were just the beginning!”

Do you still know everything important about season 1 or should you catch up on all 13 episodes before the start of season two? Our test will tell you!

“Dead Girls Don’t Lie”: How well do you know the show?

You can watch the full second season on Netflix on Friday, May 18. Are you going to see the sequel to the hit streak? Or was season 1 already too intense for you? Let us know in the comments below this article or on Facebook!