Asunto secreto: GZSZ-Sophie y Jonas son capturados

Secret Affair: GZSZ-Sophie and Jonas are Captured

Secret Affair: GZSZ-Sophie and Jonas are Captured

In red light

Oh oh that’s really true, true… awkward. GZSZ-Sophie and Jonas’s adventure is exposed, they are caught red-handed. And the reaction to the love affair between the two is really bitter.

After Sophie ended the affair with Jonas because she wanted to fix her problem, she now realizes that she can’t keep her fingers off him. They both enjoy the secret adventure to the fullest, but they both agree that the adventure should not be exposed. Because then the relaxed relationship would turn into a big drama, after all, Jonas’s mother, Maren, will have a baby with Sophie’s ex, Leon.

The drama runs its course

But it happens as it has to: the matter is exposed anyway. Sophie enjoys bonding with Jonas, as her marriage to Leon broke down due to their affair, she spends every free minute with him. But it’s not so easy to hide in the Kolle-Kiez: familiar faces are always seen in the Spätkauf, in Sophie’s shared flat, Jonas’s sister Lilly, who stands in the way of their union, lives too.

+++ Warning, spoilers! +++

So when the two secretly meet at Jonas’s house, assuming Maren will be cured another day and making out in the bathroom, it gets really awkward: Maren stumbles into the room, but she’s not alone. Leon is also there.

Have you been watching GZSZ for many, many years? So the dropouts have changed …

Leon’s reaction

And it gets worse. Since Leon isn’t entirely enthusiastic about Sophie’s newfound passion for Jonas, he wants to keep Sophie Oskar from now on, as the weekly trailer reveals. He just can’t understand how he got involved with Jonas. Sophie, on the other hand, hopes that Leon will soon come to his senses. And Maren also tells Leon that Oskar really has nothing to do with the situation. But soon Leon threatens to lose his temper in the presence of Jonah. We will see in the next few days at 7.40 pm RTL if there really is a fight between the two.

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