Seguridad: Google prohíbe el uso de la aplicación Zoom.

Security: Google prohibits the use of the Zoom app.

Security: Google prohibits the use of the Zoom app.

Today, Zoom is widely used, but the application for the video conferencing tool is not well received everywhere due to various security flaws.

In recent weeks, zoom has been the focus of many users, the extensive video chat tool is very often used privately and professionally. However, there was always criticism due to the lack of security, and even access to third-party Zoom conferences was possible. Google thinks very little of the tool or its app, at least the company is said to have now banned its employees from using Zoom.

Google is removing Zoom from employee PCs, not entirely

Especially since Google also has its own internal solution, which was previously called Hangouts and in the future Google Meet. Buzzfeed writes: “Last week, Google sent an email to employees who had the Zoom app installed on their work laptops, citing the ‘vulnerabilities,’ warning that video conferencing software on employee laptops would no longer work this week. . . “

A response from Google confirms this, but Zoom can still be used in the browser. “Recently, our security team informed employees using the Zoom Desktop Client that it could no longer run on corporate computers because it did not meet our security standards for applications used by our employees. Employees who used Zoom to stay in touch with family and friends can still do so via a web browser or cell phone. “

I myself have used Zoom twice for conferences, in the Chromebook browser and without any problems. So you don’t necessarily need the app.