Huawei: Todavía no hay Android 11 a la vista, ¿un problema con las licencias caducadas?

Security: Huawei smartphones warn about Google’s old Allo Messenger

Huawei: No Android 11 in sight yet, a problem with expired licenses?

Allo hasn’t been a problem on Google for a long time, Messenger has been discontinued. Now Huawei smartphone security software warns about the app.

It is possible that one or another user has installed Allo Messenger on their smartphone and is now getting a nasty reminder. As some people with Huawei smartphones are now reporting, installed security software is labeling old Google Messenger as potentially dangerous malware. The first screenshots of the affected users appear. The software warns of Allo, the Android application could be infected and should be removed. A somewhat cheeky message. Allo shouldn’t be really dangerous, it’s just out of date.

Google Allo is a corpse on various smartphones

As already mentioned, Allo is not yet used as an app corpse on many smartphones around the world. Long ago, Google had considered that Messenger had failed and suspended it. Affected users don’t have to worry, but they can uninstall Allo without hesitation. Huawei software recommends uninstalling the application immediately due to its potential danger. Some people report that the message appeared on the Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro.

Google Allo was finally discontinued in spring 2019. There is a successor to Google’s chat offensive, an RCS-based solution via the Messages app. However, it still takes a little longer for worldwide distribution, the SMS successor takes a long time despite the support of Google.