Google: ¿Ha fallado el desbloqueo facial en teléfonos Pixel?

See in the dark: how to use the Google Pixel 4’s infrared camera

Google: Has face unlock on Pixel phones failed?

Google has installed an infrared camera on the front of the Pixel 4, with which you can see something even in total darkness.

There are more and more camera sensors in today’s high-end smartphones and not all of them can be used with normal camera apps. On the Google Pixel 4, for example, there is an infrared camera, which is normally only used for face unlock. Therefore, the system can recognize and scan your face even in total darkness. But if we use a different camera app, we also have access to the infrared camera for photos. The only requirement is really a different camera app.

Google Pixel 4: the camera app allows access to the face unlock camera

This is very easy with the HedgeCam 2. The base is the somewhat more popular open camera. In this camera app, you simply have to switch to the front camera (second button at the top right), then press this button again. Because this application recognizes the infrared camera as an additional front camera, you can simply switch to it. I don’t need to explain how to use the trigger. The photos taken land directly in your gallery.

However, the photos are not of a particularly high quality or resolution. Basically the camera is not designed for that. But you can see something immediately even in total darkness. Certainly a cool trick, but nothing more. With other smartphones, the ToF sensor, which we find on the back of Huawei and Samsung, can be used for these types of recordings.

You can get the necessary Android app for free from the Google Play Store. In addition to access to the infrared camera, these free apps often offer many more settings than the original ones from the smartphone manufacturer. So they are more aimed at professionals or at least advanced users.

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