Selena: profunda tristeza

Selena: deep sadness

Your brother is devastated. He posted a heartbreaking message after the incident: “I ask that you post or comment on any photos you have of her or memories that you associate with Christina. I will cherish this forever, so do it for me. Christina was more than mine. Sister. She was my life partner. A super star. A joker. Introverted And a friend to everyone. Really. But most of all, she was my little sister. He loved God and his family and he was always there for me. I know. not how life should go on without her. “

Selena Gomez was friends with the murdered singer: their families were close friends, since Selena’s father had signed Christina. At her weekend concert she dedicated the song “Nobody” to her late friend Christina and had to stop over and over again because she had to cry a lot.