Selena Gomez: destellos de tobillo mientras visitaba la mezquita

Selena Gomez: Ankle flashes while visiting the mosque

Selena Gomez: Ankle Flashes While Visiting the Mosque

Visiting the mosque

wantedon 02/01/2015 | 16:13

There is nothing better than traveling with a group of friends in a good mood and capturing the experiences in funny images. Selena Gomez and her clique also pulled the trigger heavily, at a mosque in Abu Dhabi. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the hilarious images.

Selena Gomez causes trouble

Selena Gomez seems to have had a really fun New Year with her friends in Abu Dhabi. The singer also visited a mosque with Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson and others. However, the photos Selena Gomez posted on Intagram caused anything but excitement, and the mosque employees weren’t exactly thrilled about the star’s joyous visit.

In one photo, Selena Gomez, wearing a burqa, poses next to an employee of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, mischievously lifting her veiled outfit to reveal her bare ankle! “Ankle pornography angered the head of the mosque,” describes “TMZ” the incident. But not only the “revealing” pose in this image caused displeasure. Along with her friends (including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson, and Shay Mitchell), Selena Gomez snapped one fun group photo after another. – with sunglasses, peace signs and grimaces. The “Come And Get It” singer is not only accusing the people of Abu Dhabi of disrespecting the rules of the Islamic house of God. There was also criticism on Instagram for the photos.

Selena Gomez: disrespectful behavior or harmless vacation fun?

Selena and her friends have fun at the mosque

“How disrespectful,” wrote an Instagram user in the comment on the group photo of Selena Gomez and her friends, “you should be ashamed!” “A mosque is a place for prayer and religious services,” says another critic, “it’s really disrespectful to pose for photos like that there. But even if Selena Gomez made a small misstep with her behavior, most fans are after the singer and actress: “It’s 2015, folks! Who cares if it shows a little ankle? “ However, Selena Gomez later deleted the photo with the flash of her ankle from her Instagram profile.

On vacation with friends, it is quite normal to exaggerate a bit and waste time. A mosque is still not the right place for a funny photo shoot with grimaces. It’s good that Selena Gomez saw this and at least erased the flash image of her ankle from her side.

Image Source: Rich Polk / Getty Images for Clear Channel