Selena Gomez: ¿Cara Delevigne tiene una mala influencia en ella?

Selena Gomez: Does Cara Delevigne have a bad influence on her?

Selena Gomez: Does Cara Delevigne have a bad influence on her?

Go back to rehab?

wantedon 06/08/2014 | 11:47

After the on-and-off relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ends again, the pretty brunette shouldn’t get along as well as a single, as was initially assumed. Above all, the 22-year-old should not be averse to alcohol and drugs. Friends now fear that Cara Delevigne could be a bad influence on Selena Gomez and could be to blame for her bad condition.

Selena Gomez has been … lately

At first, it seemed like Selena Gomez was getting along with the breakup with Justin Bieber. The 22-year-old enjoyed her single life to the fullest as she is said to have been on a party tour with her friends and, among other things, celebrated her birthday lavishly. In St. Tropez in particular, the pretty brunette danced until dawn and was also invited as a guest at a Leonardo DiCaprio charity event. But as innocent as Selena Gomez’s party marathon may seem at first glance, according to “Closer” it shouldn’t have been. It is said that the beautiful Mexican half still or always resorts to drugs and alcohol, and supposedly their party ends in regular excesses. To finally process the separation from Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez simply knows no other way out at this point, the newspaper says.

… a lot with Cara Delevigne

Selena Gomez worries her friends

Selena Gomez has been dating Cara Delevigne a lot lately. The singer and the model get on remarkably well, but the singer’s friends fear that the friendship won’t do her any good. “They got really close, but Selena’s friends know that Cara has a wild side and they’re desperate to keep Selena clean.”, reports inside information to “Closer”. “She is vulnerable, especially after her on-and-off romance with Justin Bieber broke up again a few weeks ago. Selena is still recovering after her last rehab and her friends fear that Cara could be a bad influence on her. ” Is the singer on the verge of rehab? In any case, Selena Gomez’s environment should be very concerned.

Selena Gomez’s development is alarming, if the concerns of friends are well founded. As soon as the sweet singer leaves rehab at the beginning of the year, her next stay may already be ahead. Hopefully Selena Gomez takes the curve and recovers soon from private setbacks.

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