Selena Gomez: ¿tiene un hombre nuevo a su lado?

Selena Gomez: does she have a new man by her side?

Selena Gomez: does she have a new man by her side?

Beautiful stranger

wantedthe 04/27/2015 | 10:24

Selena Gomez apparently didn’t feel like her exes on Saturday night. But who did the beautiful singer attend the Los Angeles Angels baseball game against the Texas Rangers?

The fact that Selena Gomez didn’t come to baseball alone on Saturday night is shown in pictures from “HollywoodLife.” But who is the unknown bearded boyfriend who settled next to the cute singer in the VIP stands and enjoyed the game? Has Selena Gomez laughed at a new lover?

Selena Gomez appeared with a new man by her side

Do Justin Bieber and DJ Zedd have to worry about getting their ex girlfriend back? HollywoodLife can do it Speculation about a new man next to Selena Gomez because as the celebrity portal reports, the “birthday” performer’s partner is a business partner and not a new lover.Selena Gomez: business instead of love

In terms of looks, Dave Oskow, the name of Selena Gomez’s mysterious partner, would certainly fit into the Texan’s daring prey plan, but romantic intentions should not bring the two together. “There is no romantic interest between them, everything is just business,” revealed a source to “HollywoodLife”. “They have made plans for how they can work together in the future, but have not yet committed to anything. They just enjoyed the game, intending to talk about their business plans again, ”the insider would like to know about Selena Gomez’s business meeting, which could also have been a date.It would have seemed really strange to us that Selena Gomez had a new lover so soon after breaking up with Zedd. And when business meetings in celebrity circles are so laid back, we think about changing jobs.Image Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images