Selena Gomez: Hot dance move in the car

Selena Gomez: Hot dance move in the car

Selena Gomez: Hot dance move in the car

Hot, hotter, Selena

wantedon 08/26/2014 | 17:10

Selena Gomez has never been stingy with her charms, but we’ve never seen her so scantily clad as Justin Bieber’s on / off flame now displayed to her Instagram followers.

A varsity jacket and nothing but a little black sports bra underneath. Selena Gomez shows her fans in a video she has now posted on Instagram. But the clip is not an advertising image for a sporting goods manufacturer. The cute 22-year-old appears to have been in a good mood and quickly transformed the car she was being driven in into a dance zone.

Selena Gomez shows off hot dance moves in a car

With his Tousled hair and big black sunglasses on the nose Selena Gomez is not directly recognizable, but her followers are sure that she is their idol.

Selena Gomez unleashes storms of enthusiasm

But what motivated Selena Gomez to spontaneously dance? Apparently the pop star is in the mood for a dance battle. With the comment on the image, he asked the model Chrissy Teigen to do the same. “Hi @chrissyteigen, do you fancy a dance battle?” The brunette asked provocatively and presented herself well with her wild moves. Selena Gomez stretched and stretched to Sia’s song “Chandelier” and acted almost like she was on stage herself. Your fans are delighted! Selena Gomez has received almost 600,000 likes so far for the cute video, which shows her completely exuberant and happy. “You always look so perfect in everything you do. I love you, “posted a fan below the clip. Another commented, “I’ve watched the video 17 times,” and it can be assumed that the number is not exaggerated.

Selena Gomez is a cool girl who stands alone and can laugh at herself from time to time. No wonder her fans love her for it! The video is really cute and who knows, maybe after the “Ice Bucket Challenge” there will be a “Dance Challenge”.Check out the cute video here!Image Source: Alberto E. Rodríguez / Getty Images for Variety