Selena Gomez desnuda?

Selena Gomez naked?

Selena Gomez naked?

New nude photos of Selena Gomez?

On lakalel33’s Tumblr page, where you can find the images, write the following: “Nude photos of former Disney star Selena Gomez allegedly taken from her cell phone have been leaked to the web. There’s no question that Selena Gomez is going to pretend she’s shocked and embarrassed that those private nude photos are ending up online. He will try to fool us into believing that his phone was hacked so that no one can say that his PR team posted the photos to get attention. “

“[…] People will start to speculate whether they are taking these crazy photos for Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne. […] or for one of his other numerous lovers. “Do you really think they could be nude photos of Selena? We don’t think it’s her. But they are not the first images that supposedly show Selena naked.

Were they also nude photos of Sel at the time?

Actually, as a friend of Justin Bieber, Selena already has enough on her neck – that is, mountains of hate letters and death threats from angry JB fans. But interest in that Disney-Star should keep going up, since supposedly Selena Gomez nude photos online They were found.

One wonders again if this image, that of shown is really real, or if a Photoshop artist’s imagination has escaped. Or does Selena Gomez want to ditch her good girl image with all her might and circulate the nude photos herself?What do you think of the “scandal” and the alleged nude photos of Selena Gomez? We look forward to your comment!

Selena is by no means the only star who has nude photos circulating on the net. Dive again and again Photos showing the naked stars and it is often sold as an unwanted accident. With the frequency with which those photos are published, one can guess more about a slick PR job than a mishap.

Either way, nude stars attract attention, and some of them know how to use them smarter – in advancing their new one. In the movie “Forever Single”, Zac Efron is naked in a funny pose. But no one knows how to market better than Miley Cyrus showing herself naked in the Wrecking Ball video and a wrecking ballwrecking ball“) Turned into a swing:

Miley Cyrus nude

Lady Gaga even uses her charitable nudity and thus not only draws attention to himself, but also to the work of an artist friend:

Lady Gaga nude – for a good cause