Selena Gomez interpreta a Cupido para Nina Dobrev

Selena Gomez plays Cupid for Nina Dobrev

Selena Gomez plays Cupid for Nina Dobrev

Perfect combination

wantedon June 16, 2015 | 09:46

In addition to her professions as a singer and actress, Selena Gomez now seems to want to build a third professional pillar: as a professional matchmaker! Regardless, the 22-year-old has shown a good hand with Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell.

Selena Gomez and Nina Dobrev are best friends

Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell are Hollywood’s new dream couple. The “Vampire Diaries” ex-mine and the “Whiplash” star are said to have gone on several romantic dates together. But anyone who thinks that Nina Dobrev and her newcomer met by pure chance is wrong. No one less than Selena Gomez played for the two Cupids.

As if Selena Gomez didn’t have enough to do with working on her new album, she apparently likes to use a bow and arrow in her spare time. But of course, only in a metaphorical sense! As exclusively reported by “HollywoodLife”, It is said that it featured singer Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell.. “Selena and Austin have been good friends since they filmed In Dubious Battle together in Atlanta. And it was also Selena who kept talking about him. how wonderful and beautiful is NinaRevealed an insider on Selena Gomez’s successful dome attempt.

Selena Gomez: turned on because of her

Selena Gomez paired Austin Stowell and Nina Dobrev

Not long ago, the American media said that Nina Dobrev had taken Selena Gomez’s boyfriend. But Instead of Russian-German DJ Zedd, the brunette has recently been playing with Hollywood newcomer Austin Stowell And this couple goes to the account of Zedd’s ex, Selena Gomez! So there really seems to be anything but bad air between the two best friends. Selena is said to have paired up her two good friends in January.. “Nina and Austin have a contract with the same agency and have often met, but only from Atlanta do they really know each other,” reports the HollywoodLife source. Apparently, Selena Gomez nailed her head and invited Nina Dobrev to shoot “In Dubious Battle.”

As a matchmaker, Selena Gomez has a unique talent, now she just has to be as happy as Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell are!

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