Selena Gomez: Stars Dance

Selena Gomez: Stars Dance

Selena Gomez: Stars Dance

Star dance

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Selena Gomez: Stars Dance

Selena Gomez, who enjoyed great success as a teenager on the Disney series “The Wizards of Waverley Place”, is not only a true professional in front of the camera, but also as a musician, Selena, who has already released three albums with his band The Scene. to convince his fans. Now the Disney star, who has recently made headlines with her on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber, has released her first solo album and has not only been able to build on old hits with “Stars Dance,” she even has them. Overcome: With “Stars Dance” Selena Gomez went from zero to one on the American album charts and the first single, “Come and Get It”, is a top ten hit worldwide. Can the rest of the album keep up with that?

Selena Gomez: growing up musically?

Shortly before the release of “Stars Dance,” Selena Gomez turned 21, an event the former teen star says she wants to commemorate with her first solo album. And he does this by almost completely dispensing with the usual love ballads on his new album and instead drawing mostly on catchy club tracks in which he emphasizes his preference for wild parties, which he can finally officially attend. 21 years. Whether at the opening of the album “Birthday” or “BEAT”: Selena Gomez celebrates her new sexy image, which she tried to establish cinematically with the grotesque drug “Spring Breakers”: instead of sitting at home as in her previous hit “Love you like a love song ”, he seems to prefer the party now, and on“ Stars Dance ”he offers the right music to go with it. But also her relationship with Justin Bieber, who is said to have recently separated, is themed by Selena Gomez and her composers in songs like “Forget Forever” or “Love will Remember”, but at the same time with a fat rhythm. .

Selena Gomez is growing up

Stars Dance: state of the art

Musically, Selena Gomez relies on “Star Dance” for electronic sounds that have their roots in pop, dance, and dubstep, and is therefore following a path that is currently very popular with top American artists, which is also a great “Stars Dance” weakness revealed. Whether it’s the world-beating single “Come and get it,” the heavy reggae “Like a Champion,” in which the Texas-born singer suddenly sings in Caribbean slang, or “Slow Down,” which is very reminiscent of megahit. by Rihanna. “Diamonds” reminds us: artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna seem to have made a huge impression on Selena Gomez and her producers, both musically and stylistically. But you can also find other music greats on “Star Dance”: “Undercover” sounds a lot like Selena’s role model Britney Spears, while the title track “Stars Dance” is obviously heavily influenced by dubstep superstar. Skrillex. And vocally, Selena Gomez seems to be based on her great role model, Rihanna. But the fact that Selena Gomez’s voice – despite the existing singing talent – is quite fine in direct comparison to a Beyonce or Rihanna does not help to perceive her on and with “Stars Dance” as an independent artist.

Star dance: breaking record?

Although Selena Gomez has been in public for more than ten years, unlike her previous Disney colleagues like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato or Vanessa Hudgens, she has been able to maintain an image free of scandals. The only thing that kept making headlines was her turbulent relationship with Justin Bieber, and there, too, many smelled a publicity stunt that was supposed to give the two teenage stars the necessary media exposure. After the renewed and, as always, fairly public separation from the former dream partner, it was only right to be curious if Selena’s emotional life would find its way into “Stars Dance.” And indeed: in the dance-pop-rave song “Slow Down”, Selena Gomez flirtatiously states that she “accepts requests” when it comes to love, in “Forget Forever” she laments the loss of a great love and in “Love Will Remember ”. By the way, the only song on the album that Selena Gomez herself co-wrote, tries to understand what went wrong after a seemingly failed relationship. The last song on the original version of “Stars Dance” is rumored to contain an original voicemail from his famous ex, which was later replaced by another. But despite the seemingly heartfelt lyrics filled with love pain, the listener remains strangely intact, which may also be due to the fact that you get the feeling that you’ve heard it all elsewhere, and somehow better.

Selena Gomez convinces on “Star Dance” with brilliantly produced pop songs that are made for summer radio. Whether “Star Dance”, with its mix of reggae, dance, electro and dubstep, will survive the summer season is another question.

Image source: Universal Music Germany