Selena Gomez: ¿pronto será mamá?

Selena Gomez: will she be a mom soon?

Selena Gomez: will she be a mom soon?


wantedthe 09/01/2015 | 10:22

It is an open secret that things have not gone as planned in Selena Gomez’s life in recent months. Instead of being able to celebrate a happy ending with her on-and-off love, the pretty Latina is once again on the singles path. But this doesn’t seem to mean that Selena Gomez wants to bury all the dreams in her life. Instead, it is said that he planned something very big for 2015 …

Selena Gomez will celebrate her 23rd birthday next summer. So it’s time to finally grow up, at least if the singer has her way. Because last year, his private dreams have apparently not come true. “Selena feels this could be her year. You are ready to take your life to the next level and really grow. She thought that now she would be married to Justin and expecting a child, but that did not happen. Life does not behave the way she imagined, “revealed an alleged informant of the celebrity portal” HollywoodLife “about the emotional world of Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez: Do you want a child?

For this reason, apparently Selena Gomez now wants to take her destiny into her own hands and not expect a happy coincidence. Therefore, your desire for children should come first, even before looking for a new friend. “None of that stopped her from wanting to have children, and she doesn’t want to wait too long. Therefore, she talks about adopting a baby on her own instead of waiting for the right man, ”said the supposed acquaintance of Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez is sick of waiting

However, this plan may not bode well for her relationship with Justin Bieber. After all, Selena Gomez seems to have had enough of the constant back and forth with the teenage crush. Instead, the 22-year-old now seems to want to pursue her own dreams. “She wants to be a young mom and I suspect she’s a bit frazzled after the Justin thing because she gave up the search for true love a bit. Now he only talks about doing it on his own ”, revealed the informant. So will we soon see Selena Gomez with a stroller instead of a new man by her side?

Given her immense fortune, Selena Gomez could certainly afford to become a single mother. However, he shouldn’t drop the weapon too early. At 22, she still has more than enough time to find her Mr. Perfect and start a family of her own.

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