Vendiendo Sunset: ¡Por qué estamos extremadamente emocionados con este programa de Netflix!

Selling Sunset: Why We Are Extremely Excited About This Netflix Show!

Selling Sunset: Why We Are Extremely Excited About This Netflix Show!

Reality format

“Selling Sunset” is the name of the Netflix reality show, the second season of which is currently running on Netflix. She accompanies the Oppenheim Group real estate dealers as they sell multi-million dollar properties in the Hollywood Hills. But of course, not without a lot of drama …

I admit, my heart beats for reality formats, especially on a rainy Sunday, you can really get comfortable on the couch while watching trash TV. After “Love is blind” and “Finger weg!” Had already been searched, the Netflix show “Selling Sunset” immediately wowed me with its beautiful images of Hollywood’s sun-drenched dream villas. But as much as I like to watch the show, I like to get angry and ask myself regularly: Is this program really up to date?

The cast of “Selling Sunset”

“Selling Sunset” – what is it about?

The reality show accompanies the real estate dealers of the American Oppenheim Group, one of the most successful real estate companies in the United States. The bosses, twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim, have assembled an army of real estate women to work for them. The hiring criteria at this company are apparently silicone breasts, splattered lips, and ceiling-high heels. The ladies are selling dream homes in the Hollywood Hills at prices that make our knees tremble. But that’s really just a minor matter. It focuses much more on the disputes that develop in the bestial group. Profanity, nasty teasing and lots of tears are the order of the day.

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All of this leads to the fact that I have a kind of love-hate relationship with “Selling Sunset.” Here I explain why:

3 reasons why I love “Vender Sunset”

1. Invites you to dream

On a rainy day in Germany, nothing better than immersing yourself in the dream world of Hollywood, dreaming of turquoise pools and sunny terraces and imagining for a few minutes how you can relax on the sun lounger with a martini in hand. You must allow yourself a little sleep.

The program gives an idea of ​​the most expensive houses in Hollywood

2. It’s exciting

A mansion for $ 40 million? Who the hell can afford that? I ask myself this question regularly during the fair, and I find it even more exciting to see house deals come up, brokers haggle for money, and make successful purchases. I find this little glimpse into the real estate industry’s shark tank incredibly exciting.

3. Women are the center of attention

Very blonde, very fake, very fucked! That is the first impression you have. But after a few episodes, the strange corridors of the Oppenheim Group somehow grow in his heart. I find it exciting to see how tough business women act. But also, of course, how things are going in his private life. Who are you dating Who is planning your wedding right now? Who is pregnant? After all, that is also part of reality TV. But sometimes the show goes too far …

Realtors Heather, Chrishell, and Mary on a tour of the house

3 reasons why I hate “selling Sunset”

1. Too many discussions

The constant fighting and profanity only start to bother you at some point. The show’s creators naturally want to create as much drama as possible, but if every dinner ends in a tearful argument, at some point you won’t feel like watching anymore. The goal is obviously to portray women as bestial and devious bitches; sorry but spreading this image of women in the media is just not clear and should be history by 2020. I would like to see a show about real cool women at work and not nasty beasts who are constantly getting angry, like shown here.

2. An incorrect image of the woman is transmitted

Let’s stay with the image of women; Unfortunately, this is presented in a very one-sided way in the program. It quickly gets the impression that leading actresses can’t do much more than lip smacking, sipping cocktails, and gossiping about their colleagues. That’s too bad. After all, these are successful brokers. I would be much more interested in the issues that women (and certainly also the stars of the show) struggle with in everyday life. Exciting topics like women’s harsh career paths, the daily challenge of combining family and work, or advice on how women can support each other in their jobs are too short for me. And instead of showing how office women braid each other’s hair, it would be better to show how they can make the next big problem clear.

Mary, Christine and Heather are runners

3. Male dominance

Let’s go back to the two heads of the Oppenheim Group: Jason and Brett. What happens to these two birds? For me this is a very clear case of: We try to compensate for our lack of height with money and power! That is why Jason and Brett have created a harem of Barbie dolls. Little dolls that work for them but don’t really have anything to report. They should pose in tight dresses for billboards and dress up for parties with clients. And when the hysterical lover breaks into tears helplessly again, Jason and Brett can act as the great saviors. Uh! Just disgusting. I’d like to turn these two slimy meters into the ground once. This old cliché of the role of powerful men at the top and the hardworking bees that make coffee shouldn’t be propagated by a modern company like Netflix in 2020.

Little men like to pose as big bosses

By the way: Male runners also work in the Oppenheim Group, but are not shown on the show at all. Netflix would like to preserve the image of “male bosses and their Barbie harem.” Too. An image on the Instagram channel shows the real team:

Who should see the Sunset sale?

Conclusion: “Selling Sunset” is exciting, but somehow you can’t look the other way. This is probably the secret of good reality shows; otherwise it would get boring quickly. Anyone who loves trash shows and also enjoyed watching “The Hills” at the time is sure to enjoy “Selling Sunset.” The entertainment factor is definitely high and the houses are absolutely amazing!

You can see which featured series will also run on Netflix in 2020 in the video:

You can currently find seasons 1 and 2 of “Selling Sunset” on Netflix. The third season should follow in August. We are already excited!

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