Descanso de la serie: Eric Stehfest deja GZSZ hoy

Series break: Eric Stehfest leaves GZSZ today

Series break: Eric Stehfest leaves GZSZ today


GZSZ fans have to be strong now: Eric Stehfest can no longer be seen in the series as of today. He announced his break from the soap a few months ago, today his role Chris Lehmann is getting on the plane to travel to Brazil.

In an RTL video, Eric Stehfest announced the end of the series: “Many years have passed, many intense stories […] They were told. I have always tried to give 100 percent […]”Explains the 28-year-old excitedly. Now, after more than three years, he will turn his back on GZSZ for the first time to take time for his family and relax. But Eric will not completely disappear from the scene. As Bild reported, he will take on the role of commissioner on the Sat.1 series “Julia Durant”.

Then leave the series

After Chris transferred the KFI stock to Sunny, he realizes that he needs his freedom again to focus on social projects. Book a trip to Brazil to help oppressed farmers build wells there. Yesterday Chris went to the airport with things packed. However: he returned to the trailer to say goodbye to Sunny. Today he gets on the plane, assumes his role and can no longer be seen in the series.

Then come back

GZSZ fans can breathe a sigh of relief that Eric Stehfest will stick with the daily soap. “You don’t have to be afraid, I’ll definitely be back,” he promises his fans in person in the video. Eric will be back in front of the camera on July 1 and will return to the show around 10 weeks later.

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This GZSZ star could be out too

Shirin’s husband Erik has been in jail since the GZSZ special and has not appeared on the series. So far it has not been shown what Erik’s health is like after the cliff fall or if he might have a desire for revenge against John and Shirin. Fans are sure: actor Patrick Heinrich has left the series. “It’s a shame that your role has already come to an end,” “It’s a shame you’re leaving GZSZ” and “You played the role great,” they commented on an Instagram photo of him.

So far, however, neither the actor nor RTL have commented on a possible exit. It means: GZSZ-Erik could still come back. Because: Shirin will soon receive a call from the past that will change everything.

Do you think it’s stupid that Chris was gone for a few weeks because it’s just part of the show? Or do you think he’s great because his role got a little boring? Would you be happy if GZSZ-Erik came back? Or did it just bother you anyway? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.