Sexo en "Despedida de soltera": Estos 3 signos lo dicen todo

Sex on "Bachelorette party": These 3 signs say it all

Sex on "Bachelorette party": These 3 signs say it all

Do you or don’t you have …? This is the question that everyone asked yesterday “Bachelorette party” Has watched. Because for the first time this season a candidate stayed in Bachelorette Jessica Paszka! The rest of the men were horrified and all wanted to know: had David (27) and Jessica Sex? We will tell you three signs that show that there was definitely more between the two lovebirds …

1.) David was away more than 24 hours

Sure a good one First date sometimes it may take longer. But candidate David ended up on a single date with Jessica for 24 hours as swallowed by the earth! That means: riots in the men’s village! Because the remaining candidates had already prepared the “confessional” for David and were eagerly awaiting his report of the date. As the after midnight it is not there yet, men feared the worst: “I hope nothing happened there”Niklas said, looking out the window like a worried mother. The next morning, David entered the men’s villa. But how did David not only have a place in Jessica’s heart after the romantic date, but apparently also In his bed got hold of? “I’ll stay here with you”the 27-year-old singer said simply on the date. No further persuasion was needed. Jessica didn’t want the date to end either, and they both spent the night at the Mansion mansion. At the latest after David’s mysterious words the next morning (“It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, we had so much fun“) It’s clear: they didn’t just play cards 😉

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2.) David lied after his return

After returning to the mansion, David lied to his colleagues. When asked where he was and if he was running more, the 27-year-old replied: “We clearly hug and hold hands and that kind of thing. But then kissing is something else entirely. Somehow that wasn’t mine… “. And that, although Jessica and David meet several times on the date I kiss the camera had! “It was incredibly difficult to coldly lie in front of people you really like.”David later admitted to the camera. the bad conscience but it did not stop him from inventing even more lies: he would have the night at the hotel spent. Why David had to resort to lying cannot be adequately justified. “I know how I would react if someone else had come back and told me the real story.” David defends his lie. But what was she then True story and why couldn’t he tell it? That clearly means that the bachelorette party favorite had something to hide. The only explanation for his behavior? Jessica and David had sex.

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