Sexture: ¡Probablemente la tendencia de cabello más candente del año!

Sexture: Probably the hottest hair trend of the year!

Sexture: Probably the hottest hair trend of the year!

Sexy hairstyle

Hot, hotter, sexture! This hairstyle trend is a really sexy number. Here we tell you what exactly defines the sexture look and when to use it! He definitely gets down to business …

You can get the hairstyle with styling products, but the natural shape is not bad either …

Sexture: hot messy hairstyle without much effort

As the term New York stylist Kat Zemtsova came up with suggests, this is a hairstyle that definitely has something to do with sex. How where

Exactly: Sexture describes a hairstyle that looks like it just had a wild night. Undone, disheveled, with lots of volume and texture (Sexture = sex + texture, the English spelling for texture): That’s the quintessential sexy look!

Gigi Hadid is already a pro when it comes to textured hairstyles:

And blogger Chiara Ferragni also shows us what the new look can look like out of bed:

If you want to try silky hair yourself, you don’t need to mention big styling guns. Either you sprinkle some salt on the roots after washing your hair, let your hair air dry and curl the individual strands again with the curling iron or… well… you take the term sexture literally. Then the hairstyle gives double the pleasure!

You not only wear the sexture look in bed, of course, but also in everyday life or in your spare time. As quick and simple as it is made, the trend hairstyle is truly a true all-rounder for every occasion!

How do you like the look of the texture? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Image Source: iStock / Leegudim, iStock / egorr