Shades of Grey: ¿Dakota Johnson cometió un error?

Shades of Gray: Dakota Johnson made a mistake?

Shades of Gray: Dakota Johnson made a mistake?

Good choice?

wantedthe 09/02/2015 | 16:32

The time will soon come and “Shades of Gray” will finally be shown in German cinemas. But we’re not just excited about the final product, Dakota Johnson is also afraid of fan reactions. So much so that sometimes he regrets even taking on the role …

Hardly any other movie is as highly anticipated as the erotic movie “Shades of Gray.” The audience’s attention, while promising great success, is also terrifying, especially for Dakota Johnson, who plays the role of the submissive student Anastasia Steele. In an interview with the British magazine “Stella”, Dakota Johnson was asked if she had any doubts at the time about accepting the role of the protagonist of “Shades of Gray.”

Shades of Gray: star of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

“Yes of course. Absolutely. All the time, “Dakota Johnson responded like a shot when asked if she sometimes had doubts about her involvement in” Shades of Gray. ” “Even now there are times when I think, ‘What the hell have I done?'” Most of the time you are pretty sure you made the right decision. However, according to the “Stella” report, she still doesn’t feel that comfortable. Dakota Johnson banned her parents, brother and friends from watching “Shades of Gray.”Shades of Gray draws a lot of attention to Dakota Johnson

As much as Dakota Johnson is eager to star in “Shades of Gray,” she also fears the consequences that success will bring. After the “Shades of Gray” broadcast, the actress will finally receive a lot of media attention. “I think a lot about my diminishing anonymity”Dakota Johnson recently admitted in an interview with Vogue. “And that really scares me because a large part of me would be very happy to live on a ranch in Colorado and have babies, chickens and horses, which I will definitely do one day.”From time to time, Dakota Johnson doubts her decision to take on the role of Anastasia Steele on Shades of Gray, fearing that it could steer her career in the wrong direction. However, we are sure you made the right decision and we can’t wait to see the movie.

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