Shades of Grey: los fanáticos pueden esperar dos secuelas

Shades of Gray: fans can expect two sequels

Shades of Gray: fans can expect two sequels


wantedthe 02/07/2015 | 12:40

Before Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson could even show in the movies how much Christian and Anastasia are in them, parts two and three of “Shades of Gray” were confirmed. The director was gossiping at an exclusive screening.

For months, fans of the “Shades of Gray” novel series have been looking forward to next week. In a few days the filming of the first volume of the BDSM books will finally begin. The novels are about the relationship between college student Anastasia Steele and businessman Christian Gray, who takes her into his world of erotic bondage games. The film “Shades of Gray”, which opens in German cinemas on Valentine’s weekend, is therefore, in the truest sense of the word, eagerly awaited. But the first part is far from over!

The stars of Shades of Gray stay with him

Apparently, due to the high level of attention the film attracts beforehand, Universal expects “Shades of Gray” to be a total success. Because even before visitor numbers had a chance to skyrocket, two “Shades of Gray” sequels were confirmed. It’s no wonder, after all, that fans of the book are expecting all volumes to hit the screen.

“Shades of Gray”: gossip from the director and Jamie Dornan

An exclusive screening of the film in front of selected fans of “Shades of Gray” took place yesterday at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York, with the presence of director Sam Taylor-Johnson and lead actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. The author of the series “Shades of Gray”, EL James, also attended the event. Not only was the director of the first part reportedly gossiping, but hottie Jamie Dornan also confirmed that he and Dakota Johnson had a deal for two more movies. The fans will be happy!

Even before the “Shades of Gray” hype can really get going next week, it was confirmed that parts two and three of the erotic bestseller series will also hit the big screen. We are especially pleased that apparently Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson can be there again as well. This news makes the last days of waiting much more bearable!

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