¡Shades of Grey: Hot Trailer ya está aquí!

Shades of Gray: Hot Trailer is here!

Shades of Gray: Hot Trailer is here!

Hotter than hot

wantedon 01/13/2015 | 10:32

The “Shades of Gray” dream couple proved the chemistry between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson to be correct in joint praise at the “Golden Globes” awards. However, the first trailer for the bestseller adaptation had quite disappointed fans. With the new trailer for “Shades of Gray,” even the harshest critics should be satisfied. Because it’s finally hot …

Millions of fans apparently saw director Sam Taylor-Johnson differently that the film adaptation of what is probably the most erotic book trilogy must have nothing to do with the sex of the flowers. Consequently, the disappointment was great when the first trailer for “Shades of Gray” was released a few weeks ago.. But now the creators of the first movie “Shades of Gray” did the same. And the result is really good …

Shades of Gray: Sexy Trailer Revealed

For those especially looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year, there are already over a minute of exclusive “Shades of Gray” footage to watch on YouTube. Not only are fans allowed to get a first look at Christian Grey’s “red room” in the new trailer, this time around there was no skimping on hot sex scenes.. Apparently it paid off for Jamie Dornan and Dokota Johnson to have to re-shoot some scenes from “Shades of Gray.”

Shades of Gray: no trace of romance

“I’m not romantic,” emphasizes Jamie Dornan, aka Christian Gray, right at the start of the “Shades of Gray” trailer and what fans see in the next few seconds doesn’t seem romantic at all. Convince yourself and watch the sexy trailer for “Shades of Gray” here:

Finally the film version shows what really is in the “Shades of Gray” books. Just wait another four weeks, then we can finally see the XL version of the erotic film adaptation in the cinema. Thanks to the new trailer, we can look forward to it too!

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