Shades of Grey: ¡Lanzamiento de la segunda parte!

Shades of Gray: Part Two Released!

Shades of Gray: Part Two Released!

Theatrical release revealed

wantedon 04/24/2015 | 10:23

“Mr. Gray will see you now ”- this phrase made a million fans go crazy at the beginning of the year. Ultimately, this heralded the theatrical release of the first part of “Shades of Gray.” At the “CinemaCon” in Las Vegas, the date of the film premiere of the two sequels has been revealed …

Niall Leonard, husband of Shades of Gray creator EL James, has just been confirmed to write the script for the two planned sequels to the BDSM trilogy. Only one day later those responsible gave the “CinemaCon” in Las Vegas the theatrical release date of “Shades of Gray Pt. 2” and “Shades of Gray Pt. 3” known.

Shades of Gray: Mr. Gray will welcome us back on February 10, 2017!

Consequently, it should The second part of “Shades of Gray” will flash on cinema screens around the world from February 10, 2017. Fans of the bestselling series will have to be patient for over a year and a half before they can admire Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson again on the big screen in their roles as Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele. Thus The sequel to “Shades of Gray” is supposed to be even more wickedas the producers also indicated.

“Shades of Gray” Arrives Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Between the second and third “Shades of Gray” films, however, the filmmakers have less time. The final part of the BDSM movie will hit theaters on February 9, 2018.. It’s conceivable that both sequels with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson would be filmed at the same time, so fans no longer have to wait. Both “Shades of Gray Pt. 2” and “Shades of Gray Pt. 3” are supposed to sweeten Valentine’s Day again for fans and consequently appear close to the most important date for lovers.

By February 10, 2017, the hype about “Shades of Gray” should have subsided to such an extent that the fire can be reignited. It doesn’t really matter when the second part hits the movies: the main thing is that it is at least as sexy as the first!

Image Source: Facebook / Fifty Shades of Gray