Shades of Grey: ¿la Parte 2 será un thriller?

Shades of Gray: will Part 2 be a thriller?

Shades of Gray: will Part 2 be a thriller?

First details

wanted04/30/2015 | 11:05

The first part of “Shades of Gray” certainly had some spooky features, but the second part of the film adaptation of the cult BDSM novel series should be much darker. Can we expect a horror movie in “Shades of Gray 2”?

After it became known that a new screenwriter had been hired for the second part of “Shades of Gray,” it was clear that many things would change. Now details are slowly leaking out on how the second part of the BDSM trilogy will differ from the first.

Shades of Gray 2 gets darker

With Niall Leonard, the husband of the author of “Shades of Gray”, EL James, there is a writer available for the second part, who will certainly implement the concrete ideas of his wife much more directly. Therefore, “Shades of Gray 2” should be much darker, according to the “Hollywood Reporter.”

“Shades of Gray”: What will Niall Leonard change?

The second part of “Shades of Gray” will be “more like a thriller,” Universal’s Donna Langley revealed to the “Hollywood Reporter.” With the new screenwriter, someone has joined who also worked on the first film version of “Shades of Gray” and is open to the subject and well versed. “He did a rough draft for the first movie that didn’t end up being selected, but he did a really good job,” Langley said. However, they were absolutely satisfied with the first screen adaptation of “Shades of Gray,” exactly the way it was shown in theaters, but they were also looking forward to Niall Leonard’s much darker performance.

This announcement naturally gets us even more excited for the second part of “Shades of Gray”! While we still can’t imagine how you would like to interpret “Shades of Gray” as a thriller, we are beyond excited about Niall Leonard’s implementation.Image Source: Shades of Gray Instagram