Shades of Grey: ¿llegará la secuela en 2017?

Shades of Gray: will the sequel arrive in 2017?

Shades of Gray: will the sequel arrive in 2017?

Not until 2017?

wantedon 02/20/2015 | 15:52

“Shades of Gray” has been in theaters for about a week now and it’s not just breaking all records in Germany. The film is a true box office success around the world. That fans are now on a quick continuation of the erotic series is not a surprise in light of this. But despite the enormous success of the bestseller adaptation, patience might be required: won’t “Shades of Gray” get its sequel until 2017?

It has long been no secret that the film adaptation currently in theaters will not be the last of “Shades of Gray.” Even before the release of what is probably the most anticipated movie of the year, production company Universal confirmed that two more films are planned to expand the material into a series of actual films. But apparently the joy of the many fans around the world is now clouded: As the film magazine “Variety” claims to have discovered, work on the second part of “Shades of Gray” will be delayed for the time being. The reason: author EL James wants to write the script herself from now on.

Shades of Gray: Does EL James swing the pen himself?

This part was taken over by British Kelly Marcel in the now released part of “Shades of Gray”, who had previously written the script for the Hollywood movie “Saving Mr. Banks.” As “Variety” would like to know, the creative line of the sequel will be completely renewed. Consequently, in addition to Kelly Marcel, director Sam Taylor-Johnson is no longer responsible for the sequel to “Shades of Gray.” Universal has yet to confirm such decisions. “The studio always intended to sit down with the writer as soon as the movie came out and discuss the next steps. These conversations have not yet taken place, ”said a company spokesperson, referring to prominent meetings with EL James.

Shades of Gray: EL James wants to take on more responsibilities

It is not yet known what prompted EL James to make the alleged decision to assume more responsibility for the film implementation of “Shades of Gray.” On the other hand, it seems certain that if the 51-year-old really did decide to write the next script herself, this should cause some delays. After all, EL James has never written a script, so a certain amount of time should be allowed for corrections. According to “Variety”, filming for the second part of “Shades of Gray” could probably only begin in the first quarter of next year in this case. The theatrical release would likely only be scheduled for late 2016 or early 2017.

“Shades of Gray” is EL James’s baby. Then you can understand that she would like to have the ropes in her own hands. However, we would be a little sad in this case, because we can hardly wait for the sequel.

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