Shailene Woodley es su mejor amiga

Shailene Woodley is her best friend

Shailene Woodley is her best friend


wantedon 01/21/2015 | 12:24

At the latest with the blockbusters “The Determination – Divergent” and “The Fate is a Lousy Traitor,” in which she played the title role last year, Shailene Woodley finally reached the elite class of Hollywood celebrities. It is an open secret that there is no lack of shady characters who seek friendship with the actress. With Shailene Woodley, though, those people bite the bullet: she’s the best friend herself.

Today, Shailene Woodley is one of the most adored Hollywood stars of our time, who could easily choose her friends if she wanted to. But it was not always like this: after a failed relationship, years ago the beauty on the screen consciously sought solitude for a certain time. “I remember when I was 17 I broke up with someone who was my first great love. After we broke up, I decided to take a year to get to know myself, ”Shailene Woodley recalled in an interview with the Huffington Post.

Shailene Woodley is happy on her own too

It was during this time that Shailene Woodley made remarkable discoveries. Among other things, the now 23-year-old discovered that she can get along without other people. Since then, the Hollywood beauty has been resting in herself. “I didn’t want to date anyone else. He didn’t want to see anyone else. I found that I had more fun with myself than with someone else, ”the actress continued. Yet in the face of such claims, with all self-discovery the question arises: Has a loner been lost for Shailene Woodley?

Shailene Woodley puts herself at the center of what she does

At least a rudimentary one might come up with this thought. After all, Shailene Woodley learned from this time not to neglect and defend her own wants and needs. “Throughout my life I have felt that I have to trust others to entertain me, or trust other people’s experiences to decide whether to laugh or find things funny. I became my best friend. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve done in all this time, ”said Shailene Woodley.

Healthy self-confidence is the basic requirement to be able to have fun with other people. Shailene Woodley definitely seems to have this after her self-discovery process. After all, she shows it to us in every movie.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Jason Merritt