Shakira: un paseo en trineo hacia el nuevo año

Shakira: a sleigh ride into the new year

Shakira: a sleigh ride into the new year

It slid good!

wantedon 02/01/2015 | 12:25

“Well, did he get in right?” It is probably the most frequently asked question these days. Pop star Shakira can definitely answer this with a “Yes.” On a ski vacation with her husband, Spanish kicker Gerard Piqué, and their son Milan, the heavily pregnant woman enjoyed a quick sleigh ride …

With wild belly dancing interludes in sexy videos, Shakira charmed millions of fans early in her career. The 37-year-old Latina is now expecting her second child. But also the fact that your stomach is no longer as flat as it used to be, apparently it does not prevent Shakira from doing one or another “extreme” sporting activity.

Shakira dares to take a sleigh ride, very pregnant

Despite the baby ball XL Shakira was persuaded to go for a sleigh ride during a ski vacation and without further ado entered the new year in her blue plastic sled.. Husband Gerard Piqué and his son Milan were also part of the party, but preferred to keep a safe distance from their mother. While Shakira was visibly enjoying the sled, Gerard and Milan cheered her on from the edge of the slope.

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Shakira wishes a happy new year!

But two-year-old Milan did not want to miss a lot of fun in the snow. As soon as Shakira pulled up with her sled, the little boy joined his mom, who immediately gave him a few kisses to celebrate New Year’s Day. “I say goodbye to 2014 with a bit of extreme sports,” Shakira joked on her Instagram page. and wished his fans “a very happy 2015!”

Did you enter the new year as well as Shakira or was it a pretty bumpy start? 2015 promises to be an eventful year for the Latina and her family. So it is only advisable to fully enjoy your last ski vacation together with the three of you.

Image source: gettyimages / Kevin Winter