Shakira perturba su embarazo

Shakira disturbs her pregnancy

Shakira disturbs her pregnancy

Unplanned pregnant

wantedon 10/30/2014 | 13:21

Shakira and her husband Gerard Piqué are expecting their second child together. Although the singer often emphasizes that she wants an extended family, the new pregnancy came quite unexpectedly. Shakira also hoped that the course of the pregnancy would be a little easier …

Shakira is now in her sixth month and her stomach is growing by the day. The “Loca” interpreter and her friend, the Spanish star soccer player Gerard Piqué, are already looking forward to their second child after Milan. But despite the fact that the singer is crazy about children and would like to have a lot of them at home, the new pregnancy is very difficult for her.

Getting pregnant again is not easy for Shakira

In an interview with “RTL,” Shakira is surprisingly open about her feelings and how she feels about the pregnancy. When she was pregnant in Milan, for example, her stomach felt very different: “It feels like I’m having two babies.” The fact that the pretty Latina is expecting her second child shortly after the birth of her firstborn also thwarted her original plans: “I was planning a new tour when I got pregnant, I had to cancel.”Shakira has become more structured

Shakira may have gotten pregnant unplanned, but she says she is looking forward to her second child, who will see the light of day in a few months. He has already changed for the better with his son Milan, as he admits in an interview with “RTL”: “It helped me to be more structured and more punctual. In the end, Milan made sure that I was right. Like a German “. The singer with the hot hip swing wants only the best for her son: “I want you to find your own way, and I’ll give you everything you need to decide a direction later.” However, Shakira has yet to reveal the name of her second child. This will likely remain your sweet secret for months to come.

Even famous mothers don’t find it easier to get pregnant than other women. Shakira openly and honestly admits that her plans were a little different before expecting her second child. And even with her growing belly, the pretty singer has a hard time making friends. We keep our fingers crossed for her to survive well the next few months! Image Source: Getty Images / Darren McCollester