Shakira presenta a su hijo Sasha

Shakira introduces her son Sasha

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wantedthe 02/05/2015 | 10:08

Yesterday, the “Daily Mail” published the first photos of the newborn mother Shakira, but little Sasha was registered in vain. Today Shakira personally introduces the little cosmopolitan to her fans.

Shakira shows her son Sasha

Well finally! Shakira has been the mother of little Sasha for a few days. But after her second son’s name quickly circulated, the blonde has so far withheld photos of her newcomer. Until now! On Facebook Shakira has now posted the first baby photo of son number two, who apparently comes entirely after Papa Gerard Piqué.. With the words “I have Papi’s foot. It seems that I have played soccer all my life. I have daddy’s feet, it seems like I’ve played soccer all my life ”, Shakira says in the beautiful photo, which only shows little Sasha’s feet.Shakira: Little Sasha arrives at Gerard Piqué

Shakira already knows what little son Sasha wants to be

Even if we don’t see anything but Sasha’s little foot, thanks to her older brother Milan we can already imagine what her cute face looks like. After all, Gerard Piqué, two years old, also looks like the face. From now on, Shakira has to keep three men at home at bay. But as we know the spicy Latina, her temperament is enough for an entire soccer team. Only nine left, Shakira!

We are delighted with the little baby’s feet and can’t wait to see photos of Sasha’s first trip to the football stadium. After all, Shakira already seems to know that kicking is in her son’s blood …

Image sources: Image 1: gettyimages / Alberto E. Rodríguez Image 2: Facebook / Shakira