Shakira ahora diseña juguetes

Shakira now designs toys

Shakira now designs toys

Generous gesture

wantedon 10/27/2014 | 17:13

A few days ago, due to her second pregnancy, Shakira announced that she wanted to slow down soon. As a future mother of two, the beautiful Latina would like to take enough time for her mother’s homework and use it sensibly. Even if her singing career is on hold for the moment, Shakira still hasn’t completely lost her business acumen.

Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Piqué are expecting their second child together in a few months. The couple were already delighted with the good news and Shakira has long been planning more siblings for her son Milan and the yet-to-be-born offspring. Since children naturally take a long time, and the 37-year-old takes her role as a mother very seriously, she has already announced a break from show business.

Shakira wants to help people

Shakira recently celebrated her comeback, but her offspring always take precedence over her career. But even if the “Loca” singer says goodbye to the microphone for the moment, she continues to forge new plans. According to “Billboard”, Shakira would like to combine her motherhood with her business acumen and now design toys for children.Shakira wants to help

Shakira and the well-known toy brand “Fisher Price” want to join forces soon. Never before has the company hired a celebrity to design a collection together. But Geoff Walker, Fisher Price vice president, is already very excited about the idea of ​​working with the Colombian superstar in the near future. “Billboard” quotes him saying: “She brings authenticity and excitement here, and I think that’s why it’s very exciting.” Shakira herself is already very happy to be part of the new project: “I’ve seen the importance of developmental milestones and how toys can help babies reach them, just like my son.” Shakira, who is known for her charitable work, would like to use the proceeds from the toys to benefit her “Barefoot Foundation”, which primarily wants to help poor children in Colombia.

Shakira discovers a new line of business for himself, but does not capitalize on it. The singer has always cared about the children of her native country, Colombia. This is what you’ve always campaigned for in the past – whether it’s with personal appearances or fundraising campaigns like this one. Keep it up, Shakira!

Image Source: Getty Images / Ethan Miller