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Shakira shows a hammer body after giving birth

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wantedthe 08/09/2015 | 13:09

Shakira is considered the queen of hip swing and sinful curves, that has not changed at 38 years old, as the Colombian beauty demonstrated this Sunday. In Barcelona she went on stage for the first time since the birth of her second baby, and with an absolutely dreamlike body.

“I came to surprise some friends tonight,” Shakira wrote on Monday and shared a photo of her in a short dress in front of a stage. In keeping with the look of secret surprise, the Latina holds a finger in front of her closed, full lips in the snapshot. The photo of the beautiful Latina was taken on Sunday night when she was supporting the Mexican music group Maná in a performance in Barcelona. That comes from another Instagram photo of Shakira, which shows her next to the singer of the band.

Range and slim in the spotlight

The snapshots not only show that the musically powerful Shakira still has a lot behind her ears, they also reveal the 38-year-old’s fine line. In January of this year, the “Whenever” hitmaker and her friend and pro kicker Gerard Piqué had their second child named Sasha. Nothing of the pregnancy was visible in Shakira’s first big postpartum appearance.

Shakira recovered the body of her dreams

Not only her trademark, the soft curls, fit the singer perfectly, but her little black dress too. Narrow waist, attractive cleavage, slim and endless legs – one thing is for sure: With this impressive body, Shakira does not have to hide almost eight months after the new addition to the family. And you may want the big stages to become unsafe again more often.

Proud mom with homework

Whether that will happen remains to be seen – after all, Shakira has two small children to care for. And his beloved Gerard Piqué is not always helpful, as the powerful blonde recently revealed in a mini video on Twitter: The 28-year-old FC Barcelona defender likes to test his ball skills at home, and recently he met Shakira. In the neck. Oh!

Image source: © Getty Images / Matthias Hangst