Shakira le enseña a leer a su hijo

Shakira teaches her son to read

Shakira teaches her son to read

Practice early

wantedon 09/25/2014 | 09:57

It will soon end for Shakira, her husband Gerard Piqué and their son Milan for the moment with the family trinity, after all, the Latin queen revealed weeks ago that she was expecting her second baby. Shakira enjoys even more time together with little Milan and supports him wherever she can …

Now Shakira is even teaching the almost two-year-old to read. Little Milan is ready for kindergarten. However, the offspring of Shakira and footballer Gerard Piqué are more than intelligent and decipher words like “Mom” and “Dad” in a matter of seconds.

Shakira teaches Milan to read

Is Shakira’s little son a child prodigy? In any case, Milan already seems to be able to read the few words that his mother writes to him in a notebook, and at the age of only two years. So it is not surprising that Shakira can hardly keep her enthusiasm for pure pride.

Check out the cute video of Shakira and her son here!

Shakira enjoys free time with her son

Given that Milan will be a big brother in a few months, it apparently means to Shakira that it will take a long time for her son in the last few months when Milan is an only child. After all, diaper changes and uninterrupted feeding will soon be on the daily schedule for the Latin queen and her husband.expecting a child for the second time. A few weeks ago Nidia Ripoll, Shakira’s mother by trade, dropped the bomb on the magazine “HOLA!”: “We are very happy. She has another boy. A playmate of Milan. However, we still don’t know anything about a possible name. “

With her plan to teach her son to read at an early age, Shakira has shown once again that she is completely absorbed in her role as a mother. If your second child is half as cute as Milan, Shakira has already won the first prize!

Image source: gettyimages / AFP / ODD ANDERSEN