Shakira: Tu canción "Loca" es plagio

Shakira: Your song “Loca” is plagiarism

Shakira: Your song "Crazy" it's plagiarism

Plagiarism allegation

wantedon 08/21/2014 | 17:24

The summer hit “Loca” gave Shakira a huge hit four years ago and a brilliant comeback after a long hiatus. The song reached the top of the charts and hardly anyone could escape the fiery rhythms of success. However, a court has now ruled: “Loca” is plagiarism and does not come from Shakira at all!

With wild blonde dreadlocks and sexy abs, Shakira was once shown dancing sensually to hot beats in the video for “Loca”. The song gave the Colombian a successful summer hit in 2010, which was played on radio stations and music channels. But despite the fierce dance interludes and cheeky rhymes, the 37-year-old now has to file for bankruptcy: “Loca” is not supposed to come from Shakira herself, but rather plagiarism!

Shakira passed “Loca” as her song

This is now reported by the “New York” Post, among other things. The song is said to have been originally written by Dominican artist Ramón Arias Vasquez in the late 1990s. Shakira’s duo partner at the time, rapper El Cata, re-recorded “Loca” in 2007 and at the same time claimed that the song was his. Apparently that was a lie, as a court has now ruled.Shakira stole Song

Shakira and El Cata, whose real name is Edward Bello Pou, recorded the song together. Arias’s original “Loca con su Tiguere” was released as a new song – supposedly there was never a cover. Now the dispute even took place in front of a judge, to the detriment of Shakira and her former duo partner. According to the “BBC”, Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled the following: “I think that since Bello stole from Arias, who wrote Shakira’s version also plagiarized Arias.” “Loca” was published in both English and Spanish versions, but only the latter should be considered plagiarism. According to the “New York Post”, however, it sold five million times. The Mayimba Music label is said to have the rights to Arias Song; compensation is now being negotiated.

Shakira was embroiled in accusations of plagiarism through her duet partner El Cata. It is unknown to what extent she assumed that El Cata wrote “Loca” herself. But it is well known that ignorance does not protect against punishment!

Image Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images