Shannen Doherty: el cáncer se ha extendido

Shannen Doherty: cancer has spread

Shannen Doherty: cancer has spread

Shock diagnosis

Shannen Doherty had a breast removed in May after she developed breast cancer. Now it is clear: the disease has spread even more. But instead of retiring, the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” actress goes on the offensive.

“Cancer has migrated from my breast to the lymph nodes and now we have discovered during an operation that it has spread from there,” says Shannen Doherty in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” As with her first illness, the 45-year-old mastered mental stress this time admirably by going public. “It is the uncertainty that scares me the most. Will Chemotherapy Work? Will radiation work? Do I have to go through all this again or will you still find secondary cancer? “

The treatment the actress now faces is clear: “First we will do chemotherapy again, then they will irradiate me.” Her family is very supportive of Shannen Doherty. He also got it back when he recently shaved his hair publicly on Instagram posts. “I can take anything. I can bear the pain I can live without a breast. What worries me the most is my future, which of course will also affect everyone I love. “

Be an example to others affected

By openly dealing with her new illness, Shannen Doherty also wants to help others who are sick. “I wanted to tell my story out there. It’s easier to live with cancer when I know it will help people, even if it’s just one person. “

The strength with which the television star deals with her illness is truly remarkable. We hope Shannen Doherty gets better soon and leads a healthy and fulfilling life with her loved ones. Hats off to your bravery!

Image Source: Dave Livingston / Getty Images