Shannen Doherty: su perro reconoció por primera vez el cáncer

Shannen Doherty: her dog first recognized cancer

Shannen Doherty: her dog first recognized cancer


Unilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation: “Beverly Hills, 90210” star Shannen Doherty has all of this behind him. He has been fighting cancer since February 2015, but even before the doctors’ official diagnosis, apparently someone had recognized the danger: his dog Bowie.

Your dog had a premonition

As Shannen Doherty now reports to “Entertainment Tonight,” the little four-legged friend had the nose right from the start. “I had been obsessively sniffing here to my right a long time before,” explains the 45-year-old actress. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bowie’s behavior made perfect sense. Since then, the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star has bravely defended herself against the disease and even recently got a haircut.

The dog Bowie, of course, continues to care for her lover, and apparently with the utmost care. “When I returned after the operation, she immediately returned to this area,” Shannen Doherty tells the online portal with the reference on her right side. “Then when I had my first chemotherapy, I was sniffing my whole body. Before it was very protective, but now it has become that protective and crazy dog ​​”.

Bowie the guard dog

And Bowie takes his job very seriously. “It’s hard to get to me when she’s around,” says Shannen Doherty. She named her faithful companion “Entertainment Tonight” after music legend David Bowie. The singer died earlier this year at the age of 69. He suffered from liver cancer, it is said.

Of course, this should not be construed as a bad omen. After all, Shannen Doherty is still a long way from giving up. We wish you great strength and courage to continue fighting cancer and we hope you are already doing so. getting better soon.

Image Source: Angela Weiss / Getty Images