Shannen Doherty llega a un acuerdo con la ex gerencia

Shannen Doherty reaches an agreement with former management

Shannen Doherty reaches an agreement with former management

Cancer process

Shannen Doherty and her former manager reached an agreement in court. The “Beverly Hills 90210” actress jointly blamed the Tanner Mainstream agency and her former manager Steven Blatt for her cancer and demanded $ 15 million from the company.

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Shannen Doherty and her former management agreed to a deal after a report from the gossip portal “TMZ.” However, those involved in the process did not reveal how high it was. Consequently, it is unclear how much Doherty will ultimately get from his 15 million (about € 13 million) claim as compensation. Recently, Steven Blatt’s indictment caused a stir that the 45-year-old is not as ill as she is and would only prevent further questioning by his lawyers. According to “TMZ,” Blatt stated that the actress was constantly on the go and appeared on television shows.

Doherty replied that she had already been interviewed in the standard seven-hour time for California and that Blatt no longer owed her his time and was just trying to move on with his life despite the illness. The background to the litigation was that her management had allegedly failed to transfer her health insurance payments, which is why Shannen Doherty did not attend her cancer check-up in 2014. A year later, when she was reinsured, she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.

Shannen Doherty asks all women to get screened for breast cancer

For this reason, Doherty makes his former management jointly responsible for the disease. Had he gone for a check-up in 2014, they argued, the cancer would have been discovered at an earlier stage and more easily curable. The star of the series is currently in chemotherapy. On talk shows, the actress asked all women to attend regular breast cancer screenings.

More recently, Shannen Doherty’s trial against her former manager turned embarrassing and ugly, especially for the agency, which more or less portrayed a woman battling cancer as a simulator. And just to avoid paying damages. We hope Shannen Doherty got the most out of the reparations deal negotiations!

Image Source: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodríguez