Shay Mitchell corre desnuda por las calles

Shay Mitchell runs naked through the streets

Shay Mitchell runs naked through the streets

No one would have expected this action. Because even if the PLL actress Shay mitchell She always likes to be a little more revealing, she added one more. Wearing only panties and a unicorn mask, the star jogged down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

But how did Shay Mitchell get naked in a video? Here again from the beginning: during his steep run through the series “Pretty Little Liars” She founded her own YouTube channel in late 2011. There she shares videos consisting of beauty tutorials, vlogs, and fun challenges with friends. One thing is for sure: Shay is fun for everyone and shows her insanity time and time again.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans take note: “The Perfectionists” spin-off is coming!

Shay Mitchell runs naked down Sunset Boulevard

So now: the nude running video was only made through a bet with her assistant that she made while on vacation in Morocco. Back then, Shay promised: “I’ll be running naked through the streets when I have three million subscribers on YouTube.” Your only requirement: a horse mask. Then I would do it right away. In his video, he does not reveal if he ever expected this bet to have to be redeemed at some point: “A bet is a bet, a deal is a deal. I can not believe that. Never say that I won’t stick to a deal, okay? And so the actress left her house, only dressed in panties and a unicorn mask. With that she looked “Like a majestic and beautiful creature.” At least he found his assistant.