GNTM: ese es el finalista más popular

She howls and moans: Bruna is the new GNTM drama queen

GNTM: that's the most popular finalist

A crybaby and a drama queen in one, who gets very excited in all situations that don’t quite fit her – this description could also apply to Gisele Oppermann from GNTM Season 3, but no, we mean Bruna! Maybe it’s because of the Brazilian blood that we both have that we feel a bit behind, we don’t know either. But the parallels were clear. At first she didn’t think the shoot was great because she was afraid of feeling sick. But he dared to do it right. And of course the shoot didn’t go well. He quickly returned to the stable. And what is happening there? His colleagues ask him how it was. “OMG! What are they imagining! “, shouts Bruna’s expression on her face. “Fuck, did everyone hear it?”He just comes from her and goes to a Dixie bathroom, where she locks herself up.

Some girls are bothered by these “airs”. Above all, Pia lashed out at Bruna saying that she would just want attention. Well, everyone can have a bad day. But even later, when he makes the decision, he punishes Sally with ignorance after she got the InStyle job and didn’t.