Shia LaBeouf: ¿Interfirió con otros espectáculos de Broadway?

Shia LaBeouf: Did it interfere with other Broadway shows?

Shia LaBeouf: Did it interfere with other Broadway shows?

New accusations

wantedon December 15, 2014 | 15:46

It’s been about half a year since Shia LaBeouf caused a stir on New York’s Broadway. During a performance of the musical “Cabaret”, the actor interrupted the performance and then the staff had to remove him from the room. Apparently, the incident that hit Shia LaBeouf in the headlines was not the first of its kind.

Shia LaBeouf: Did it interfere with other pieces?

Has Shia LaBeouf poked fun at starry musicals or stage performances? The Hollywood star is said to have attracted negative attention in a theater hall prior to her failure that made headlines in the musical “Cabaret.” At least that’s what “Downton Abbey” star Dan Stevens, who in 2013 was on stage with Jessica Chastain for the play “The Heiress,” reports. “Shia LaBeouf came to a performance of ‘The Heiress’ drunk and it was very disruptive. [Bei ‚Cabaret’] they managed to escort him, but they weren’t as attentive to our piece, “explained Dan Stevens in an interview with” Vulture “magazine.

Dan Stevens can no longer remember exactly how Shia LaBeouf should have interrupted the performance. One thing is for sure: the Brit has probably never had to spend such a grueling evening on stage. “I don’t know if he smoked, but he definitely screamed. I think he thought he was in ‘Cabaret’ while watching ‘The Heiress’. I have to say it was a really strange stage experience, “said Dan Stevens. But was it really Shia LaBeouf who caused such a fuss in the audience?

Shia LaBeouf: What do you think of the new accusations?

Dan Stevens was disturbed by Shia LaBeouf

At first, Dan Stevens and his stage partner Jessica Chastain weren’t sure who exactly they were targeting. The actress, who already knew Shia LaBeouf very well, seems then to have had the right nose. “During the first half we didn’t know who he was. Regarding the break, Jessica Chastain, who had worked with him on ‘Lawless’, said, ‘I think he’s Shiite!’ And he was right: in the end it was definitely him, ”continued Dan Stevens. Shia LaBeouf has yet to release a statement on these new allegations.Whether it was really Shia LaBeouf who interrupted Dan Stevens and Jessica Chastain’s performance will probably no longer be proven. In any case, the former “Downton Abbey” actor no longer seems angry at his fellow actors. After all, it gave him a fantastic anecdote …

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