Shiri Appleby: ¡la estrella de Roswell está embarazada!

Shiri Appleby: The Roswell Star Is Pregnant!

Shiri Appleby: The Roswell Star Is Pregnant!

Baby on the move!

wantedon December 21, 2012 | 07:27

Series star Shiri Appleby and Jon Shook have good news: Roswell beauty and her fiancé are having a baby!

Actress Shiri Appleby becomes a mom for the first time! The sweet Roswell star and her fiancé, chef and restaurant owner Jon Shook, have offspring, according to Us Weekly. However, Shiri Appleby still doesn’t know what it will be!

Shiri Appleby became a star through Roswell

The 34-year-old was convinced by her partner that it was. Just find out the sex of your baby at birth to wish. “I really wanted to do it that way and it sounded like fun,” reveals Shiri Apple of “Us Weekly.” “That makes pregnancy really exciting because you just don’t know what it’s going to be like,” continues Shiri Appleby, who is already decorating the nursery for her unborn baby.Shiri Appleby and her fiancé are excited

“Thank God […] I have a simple pregnancy, ”Shiri Appleby explains in detail about her“ other circumstances ”. Despite the growing belly, the brunette beauty, made famous by the hit series “Roswell,” remains in shape. “I did a lot of sportbecause it feels good. And I love it, you can eat as much bread and pasta as you want and not gain weight, ”says Shiri Appleby. The actress and her partner have been engaged since July. and according to statements by the 34-year-old woman, the pregnancy brought them even closer. “When you see this guy who goes with you to all visits to the doctor and you tell him how you feel and he checked it on the internet two minutes later to tell you that it is perfectly normal, you realize that you are really starting a family with someone” , reveals Shiri Appleby.

Until now we hardly knew Shiri Appleby from her private side. Knowing about your pregnancy makes Roswell’s sweet beauty even more enjoyable!Image source: gettyimages / David Livingston